Neil and James of Semantic at BIAZA Conference

Semantic at BIAZA

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Semantic recently attended the BIAZA Conference, a meeting of zoos and aquariums from around the UK, which happened to take place close to us at Marwell Zoo.

We had a chance to address all attendees with our presentation, which stressed the importance of testing and not guessing in the online world when trying to increase bookings and sales. We like to refer to this as conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

It was fantastic meeting so many different organisations and you can be sure we’re hard at work on those free web audit reports for everyone who enquired. Don’t worry though, even if you didn’t get to speak to us or weren’t able to attend, you can still contact us for your free QPS report.

We look forward to speaking to everyone we met at BIAZA again soon. Remember; test don’t guess!