Most new clients that we take on need help getting their Analytics right - it's complicated.  We have experts on hand to help implement tracking correctly and make sure your data is accurate.


Fixing your Analytics

We carry out comprehensive audits to check your data.  This is a fundamental area to get right - if your data is wrong then you can't make accurate decisions to drive your website (and business) forward.

Key areas include: 

  • Reviewing Analytics Properties, Accounts and Views
  • Checking tracking code implementation
  • Tag manager review
  • Checking for Analytics spam
  • Event analysis
  • Goal checking and goal flow analysis
  • Checking data for common anomalies
  • Cross domain tracking issues check
  • Review of figures to push into QPS report

All-in-all we run through 30+ point series of checks to make sure your data is accurate.  

Let us know if you need help with your Analytics and we can get it sorted.