We are Registered Umbraco Partners & Developers

We are a Registered Umbraco Partner web agency, based in Southampton, Hampshire.  If you're looking for help fixing an Umbraco website, or advice creating a new one, then we'd be happy to help.

Our approach

Semantic has been building Umbraco websites since 2015.  We have a team of Umbraco developers that have completed the various training modules offered by Umbraco HQ.

Over the years we have implemented Umbraco websites for numerous clients: 

  • Sport teams
  • International attractions
  • Multi-language company websites

We have deployed them in Azure on everything from scalable virtual machines to more advanced scalable webapp infrastructure.

Take a look at some of the sites below... 

How can we help?

We've got a lot of experience with Umbraco versions 7, 8 and now the new version; Umbraco 9, so we're perfect for any Umbraco website help you need. In the past, the problems we've tackled have included: 

  • implementing scalable, flexible sites
  • easy to use, hard to break grid layouts
  • automatic mobile-first optimisations
  • making a site faster
  • fixing CMS bugs
  • implementing patches and security updates
  • fixing image loading performance
  • improving infrastructure and backup resilience
  • reducing infrastructure costs
  • page load time optimisations

Our team always loves a challenge.  We can assess your site for free, and come back with recommendations and next steps.

If that would be useful, then just drop us a line, we'll be happy to help.

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