Grow sales with ongoing CRO

We are big fans of marginal gains - lots of little improvements add up to create a large impact.  We aim to capitalise on this theory for client websites with our ongoing Momentum Conversion Rate Optimisation plans.  

Analytics setup & review

Analytics is hard. We know this from some of the tracking installations we've had to fix over the years. Conversion Rate Optimisation step 1 is to sort the analytics and make sure the data is right. That's critical to make good decisions and implement successful split tests going forward.

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Momentum ongoing optimisation

Momentum is the name of our Conversion Rate Optimisation plans.  It's a simple name, but reflects the fact that testing takes time - you might try 10 things and only have 1 make an impact... the important thing is to interrogate the test results to ensure each test is worthwhile.  There's no such thing as a failed test, so long as you learn something from it.

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User testing & feedback data gathering

We've been running user testing, surveys and utilising other data gathering tools since 2010.  To us, it's now normal, but we are always surprised how little this is done online.   We can carry out one-off user testing or roll it into retainers, site builds or in our ongoing Momentum plans.

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