Get more visitors with awesome SEO

Now that you've got a high-performing website that's optimised for conversion, we need to do all we can to drive visitors to it.

Whether it's a Semantic-built site or not, we can help with SEO (search engine optimisation) audits and strategy to help your site show up for relevant searches as much as possible.

Technical audits

The technical underpinnings and structure of a site can have a large impact on SEO. Our team makes sure that our sites are built to current best practices, and can conduct audits on non-Semantic sites to highlight problem areas and suggest improvements.

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Keyword analysis

Many gains can be made by spending some time analysing your keywords and thinking around gaps and potential phrases to target. We help research this, make updates to the site and monitor the improvement each week to make sure results are improving.

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Ongoing SEO monitoring & support

Our SEO plans include weekly monitoring and regular update calls and reports. The team checks for problem areas and opportunities each week to maximise the ROI for you and your site.

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Backlinks & link building

This is a vital part of SEO, which is closely linked to developing useful, relevant content for your users. We help clients filling any gaps with this, and approaching relevant influencers and third parties to drive further quality traffic to your site.

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Content & campaign creation

Having in-house SEO experts means that we can review all major content updates and check they are improving the SEO. Normally we like to get involved early in the process to get the content right from the outset. We can help with copyrighting and campaign page creation to tie in with overall marketing objectives.

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