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5 Time-Saving Work Hacks

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Save time this summer with Neil's 5 time-saving work hacks

At Semantic, I work hard to constantly improve our processes and make things as efficient as possible. Here is a collection of time-saving tricks that I use every day, from typing hacks to reducing noise & distractions - you might find some of them useful.

5 Time Saving Work Hacks:

  • Stop repetitive typing
    I use the Text Expander app to cut down on repetitive typing… you simply setup shortcuts and Text Expander substitutes the correct text for you. I use this for everything, from email sign-offs to full project templates. (an example is .wknd which expands to ‘I hope you had a good weekend’)


  • Use a password manager
    I’ve been doing this for so long that I take it for granted… but if you still try and remember passwords then you need to revisit your strategy. Get strong unique passwords for all your services and keep them safe, then just memorise the super important ones. Make sure everything else is stored in an encrypted vault and level up on your security.


  • Use inbox-zero
    I get a lot of email, and it’s easy to get distracted. I make sure my inbox is hidden, so I’m not distracted by a slew of new messages just to write a new email, or if I’m looking for something. I also make sure all emails are dealt with each day and archive them off. Leaving the office with a clear inbox works wonders for being able to switch off out of hours.


  • Ditch the landline and use headphones
    De-clutter and route everything to a mobile. All your contacts are synced, plus you’re freed from the office so you can relocate to quieter areas, or get some bonus daily steps. Headphones help to keep your hands free, so you can catch up on some admin whilst waiting for that conference call to start!


  • Digitise your notes
    I use Goodnotes, an iPad and an Apple Pencil. This means notes are secure, backed up, and synced over to my phone so I can access them anywhere. I find the handwriting recognition works well, and there’s something more personal about handwriting notes in meetings, rather than being hunched over a laptop… plus I find the notes stick better in my brain!

I’d love to hear if you have any other tips or routines to help you use your time more effectively. Drop me an email or say hello on social media.