10 quick email marketing tips

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Despite the rapid increase of social media, email marketing remains a very strong way to reach new prospects and maintain customer relationships for our clients.

It’s ubiquitous -
there are 3.2 billion email accounts. 90% of people check it daily.

It’s effective -
3rd best way to acquire customers, behind organic search and CPC

It’s good value -
email is cost-effective and it’s easy to measure the ROI

As more and more people are shift to viewing email on their phones, it’s a good time to review your strategy and make sure your campaigns perform as well as possible. 


10 tips for email marketing from Semantic

  1. Make it phone friendly - mobiles are overtaking desktops so check it on small screens.
  2. Subject lines are critical - make sure it’s tempting, and be sure to test different variants.
  3. Make it relevant - not only will this improve conversions, but as email clients get smarter it could help make sure your campaign keeps appearing in the user’s inbox - see our previous post on Gmail’s inbox filtering.
  4. Keep it simple - maintain a good visual hierarchy and ensure call to actions are clear.
  5. Proof read - there’s no undo with email, so read it carefully, and check all the links!
  6. Think spam - avoid spammy phrases - image heavy emails often get caught too.
  7. No ‘click here’ links - they aren’t descriptive and users can’t tell what they link to… this applies websites too!
  8. Check the tracking - you should make sure links are tagged to show up in Analytics.
  9. Test - using a consistent template helps, but you should keep an eye on any new email clients to keep your campaigns looking as good as possible.
  10. Avoid using ‘no reply’ email address - embrace user feedback and let them reply.

If you need a hand then please don’t hesitate to get in touch - call the office on 02380 111 540 or email support@semantic.co.uk.