Launching a new website and custom booking engine for Wildwood

We recently helped Wildwood Trust, a leading animal charity dedicated to British wildlife conservation, revamp their online presence to boost awareness, engagement and sales.

LOOP + Bespoke Booking Journey

We were excited to launch a multi-location LOOP website and bespoke booking journey early in 2023, and published a LOOP Success Story at the time.

The project went far beyond a basic website implementation though, with a custom booking journey and deep integration into their Gamma and CharityCRM external systems.

In addition to a new mobile-first and highly visual website, the Wildwood project presented a number of challenges to ensure an optimised online experience.

"Semantic's knowledge of user experience workflow and API integration, combined with a calm methodical approach, enabled Wildwood to achieve a ridiculous timeline for launching a new website. Would heartily recommend Neil, James, Dan and the team!"
Dan Farrow, Wildwood Team

The new Wildwood Trust website and booking system not only captures the essence of their conservation and focus on nature, but also provides visitors with a seamless booking experience. With real-time availability updates and convenient ticket purchasing options directly from the website, Wildwood Trust has seen a significant increase in online traffic and engagement.

The revamped online experience has not only elevated Wildwood Trust's digital presence but has also unlocked more accurate analytics and revenue reporting in Google Analytics / GA4.

What’s next?

As Wildwood continues to grow and evolve, Semantic remains committed to providing ongoing support and innovative solutions to drive success, and keep growing the capabilities in their LOOP website.

Just this month they will be getting a whole new set of Interactive Map tools, all as part of their ongoing monthly LOOP subscription.Here’s to a successful 2024 season as visitor numbers start to build up again from Easter.