Booking flows & eCommerce

As Digital Partners our aim is to grow businesses online, so we work with you to create best-practice customer booking journeys.  This include mapping out the journey, including upsells and making the order processing as efficient for your team as possible.

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Maximising revenue online

Online booking is vital to many businesses online.  There are some fundamental areas to get right: 

  • Capturing enough data, but no more
  • GDPR-compliant processing and storage
  • Efficient processing for the team
  • Slick payment journey for users
  • Ability to test and learn within the booking journey

The last point is particularly important.  The closer you get to the money, the bigger the potential impact from a split test.  

We are lucky to be able to drive this process with some of our clients, so we have a good idea as to what works online and where to begin the testing.