Critical reviews & strategy

Seeing your website through the customer's eyes is vital.  Many of the issues with your current site can be improved by getting into their shoes and trying your entire process from start-to-finish... after all, when was the last time you tried to buy something from your site?

Key points

Combined with the UX review, and User Testing, a critical analysis of your customer journey and the key pages help to highlight areas to work on.

As part of our in-depth reviews, we carry out various tests: 

  • Kick-off chat to determine business goals and KPIs (if it's a site that's new to us) 
  • Audit of key pages to check effectiveness of content
  • Review against psychological principles and human behaviours to help boost conversion (e.g. Loss Aversion, Social Proof, Urgency, Availability, Anchoring etc) 
  • Testing the goal funnel and customer journey to identify pain points and issues
  • User surveys and data gathering
  • Mobile audits and focusing on the mobile user journey
  • Ideas and wider thinking for larger improvements
  • Competitor analysis
  • User testing videos
  • Analytics audits

Of course, much of this work ties in with our ongoing conversion rate optimisation work.

The most successful sites continue making constant tweaks and improvements - lots of smaller marginal gains add up to make a big impact.

We're happy to help with initial audits and critical reviews - just get in touch and we can send a demo report and discuss next steps.