User testing & feedback data gathering

User testing & data gathering are great ways to find out how users interact with your site, and what they think about it.


User testing

We carry out tests every week. We think they're great, here's why:

  • they identify any problems and issues with the website or app
  • they provide instant qualitative feedback on your value proposition 
  • user tests reveal facts, therefore removing the guesswork
  • a fresh pair of eyes often see things that 'experts' don't
  • you can target certain demographics to match your user base

There are lots of different ways to carry out user testing, so please get in touch if you'd like like to learn more. User testing forms a key part of our Momentum Programme.

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Feedback data gathering

There are a number of great ways to get instant feedback from users who are interacting with your website. 

Here are few great tools and techniques we like to use:

  • 'Give Feedback' button
    Allows users to give instant feedback about your website, positive or negative.
  • In-page survey tools
    It's vital to ask the right questions, at the right time
  • Funnel analysis
    See where your users are dropping out
  • Heat and scroll maps
    See which parts of your page users are engaging with
  • Session recordings
    A quick, anonymous way to see how users interact with your site
  • Design audit
    Identify areas of your layout that stand out to users the most
  • Live chat
    Enables users to get instant support.
  • Customer Services
    We'll work with your customer service team to identify common issues and questions.