Website infrastructure management

Infrastructure is really important for your website.  We take control of the whole setup here so that there's less to worry about, plus we'll know that the end result will perform well.


Things to think about

After the move across to CMS-based websites, we significantly ramped up our hosting knowledge to deliver scalable and flexible website infrastructures around the world.

We would typically run through various options with you to suit your traffic levels and budget: 

  • webapp/server size (depending on traffic/budget)
  • multi-region deployments (if you're targeting international visitors) 
  • auto-server scaling (if you're expecting large spikes in traffic) 
  • multiple backup servers for failover handling
  • CDN options

We helped Merlin Entertainments transition entirely over to Azure, so that's our preferred platform - it's Microsoft-backed, so has very high levels of uptime and performance.

We're happy to talk about web infrastructure early on in a project to make sure everything is covered (and we can get as technical as you like!)