UX reviews & analysis

A user experience (UX) review for a site is a really valuable exercise.  This helps you to see your site from an outside perspective and identify gaps that users may struggle with.


Our UX review process

This is a review that can be carried out at any point.  Typically we'd audit an existing site before a refresh or upgrade to check for gaps and pain points for users.

  • We use external UX reviewers - even we get a bit too close to the business for a truly fresh view
  • We work with you to determine user personas to use during testing (e.g. Sophie, a mum of 2 young children looking for a day out) 
  • We work through several areas of the site, typically this would involve the purchase/eCommerce journey
  • It's carried out on mobiles first (unless your Analytics highlight different devices to research on) 

We're happy to send a demo report, or get in touch and we can give you some options.