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CMS template creation

We strive to give clients the most flexibility possible, so our CMS templates are adaptable.  We make it easy to create pages with different layouts and elements.  The challenge is to make it so it's unbreakable so the client can get on with marketing without worrying about all the web magic.


CMS Template checklist

All of our CMS-driven sites give you ultimate flexibility: 

  • Responsive mobile-first templates
  • Flexible grid layouts
  • Image optimisation and cropping built in
  • Customised elements for you to drop in to the pages
  • Customisable navigation
  • Landing page creation
  • Split testing capabilities

As well as those features, we have a long list of technical things that are covered.  From schema tags and webfonts to responsive images and accessibility - you don't need to worry, but it's good to know it's sorted.

We build our templates in the best way to feed into the CMS ready for build, but you'd get chance to sign them off before we move to the heavy lifting with the coding.