Accessibility audits for websites

10 million adults with a disability are using the internet in 2019, so this could be a large proportion of your online audience. Accessibility audits help make sure we give all customers the very best experience, which is very important to us.

WCAG compliant websites

We run accessibility audits on client sites or non-Semantic sites - often companies will wait for issues to be highlighted, but we always aim to get ahead on important areas like accessibility.

We follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which have been developed over many years by the W3C - the main organisation to set standards for the web around the world.

A normal accessibility review would focus on key areas: 

  • Navigation review
  • Template structure checks
  • Review of key pages according to WCAG guidelines
  • Review of key elements
  • Forms audit to make sure labels and fields are clear
  • Implement accessibility enhancements
  • Update content to include alt-text, descriptions, video captions etc.
  • Client CMS education and training

Additionally, we are able to recruit disabled users to test site functionality as needed.

Please get in touch if you've got challenges around web accessibility for disabled users and we can help.

Accessibility audit reports