Pagespeed optimisation

Pagespeed is a massive area of development online at the moment.  Google in particular are pushing all website owners to improve load times and maximise performance, particularly on mobile.


Key points

Pagespeed is a classic area where there is always more that can be done. Just remember the Aberdeen Group research on the impact of pagespeed: 

For every 1 second a user has to wait for a page to load:

  • customer satisfaction decreases by 16 percent
  • pageviews decrease by 11 percent
  • conversion rate decreases by 7 percent

The full article is well worth a read - Website Speed Optimisation.

Customers online are impatient, and want things to work immediately.  We factor this in from the outset with the template build, CMS functionality and code optimisation.

We typically aim for page load times of 1-2 seconds... if budget allows, then the latest greatest technology lets us get under 1 second.  We monitor the speed using tools on Google and GTMetrix, and include the results in our ongoing QPS reporting.

If your website is too slow then drop us a line - there may be some quick wins we could suggest to help.