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Simple SEO changes with a big impact for the Blackpool Dungeon

Successful SEO doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Simply doing a little research, fixing the basics, and filling in the gaps can go a long way for pages that need a nudge in the right direction.

The Challenge

We wanted to improve the page's current rankings - and rank for more terms.

This was a transactional page with no copy, just a headline (COMBINATION TICKETS) and a button to buy tickets, yet it was still ranking (not on the first page!) for a few terms relating to not just Dungeons tickets, but Blackpool attractions in general.

We had spotted that this ‘combination tickets’ page was a little barebone, but still receiving a small amount of consistent traffic. 

Digging into it further via Google Analytics and through keyword research, the page looked to have potential in ranking for terms relating to "attraction tickets in Blackpool", along with the names of other attractions themselves.

What we did

  • Page Title: Page Titles are an important ranking factor and any target keyword should appear there, as well as within H1 tags.
  • Copy: Including copy adds substance and more context for search engines to understand what the page is about. The plan was to better explain the ticket itself, and use the words ‘combination’ as well as ‘multiple’ in the copy (and titles) to rank for more than one particular search term. Research showed that users search for ‘multiple tickets’ and ‘combination tickets’.
  • Description: Although not a direct ranking factor, it is important to add one to help convince users to click on the page’s search result, increasing CTR (click through rate).
  • Keyword Research: Checking on search terms relating to the theme’s page revealed there was a good opportunity to rank higher those and for other related terms

The Results

  • Ranking Increases for many key terms:

Ranking position boosts for different variations of well searched terms such as ‘blackpool attraction tickets’ and ‘blackpool multiple tickets’, reaching the top 3 for many of these keywords.

  • Traffic Increase

A boost in rankings lead to a boost in traffic, with a 279% increase on the average number of sessions.

  • Transaction Increase

Between April 2019 up to before the changes in August, only 1 transaction had been made by users landing on the page via Google/Organic. With the increase in traffic following our recommended amendments, 62 transactions were made between August and December 2019.

"Semantic's reporting and SEO insights have helped drive more traffic to the Dungeons sites throughout 2019, both in the UK and throughout Europe"

Jörg Bergmann - Merlin Ecommerce Manager, Europe