Doubling Bodmin Jail's organic traffic

Bodmin Jail had significant growth targets following their multi-million pound redevelopment. Following a successful website rebuild, we were tasked to grow traffic to the site.

Leading Organic SEO for Attractions

The more traffic a site has, the more potential there is for guests to book.  Improving site rankings by ranking higher in results for more relevant terms leads to revenue growth.

Despite closures from the pandemic, traffic to their site from non-brand keywords more than doubled. We targeted content, landing pages and campaigns to grow traffic on related terms to target their key visitor demographics.

A mix of on-site landing pages, optimisation and ongoing reviews lead to impressive YoY stats and increased bookings.

What we did

  • Keyword Research: researching brand terms and key search terms from users revealed there was a good opportunity to rank more highly for key areas of the Jail's guest offering
  • On-site optimisation and monitoring: ongoing technical checks and improvements with the dev team to keep optimising the site according to best practices
  • Additional content creation and landing pages to focus on key revenue drivers for the attraction
  • Visibility and clear client reporting so that it's easy to see the priorities and results.

The Results

  • Ranking Increases for many key terms
    Ranking position boosts key attraction revenue drivers (particularly related to tours, events, halloween etc)
  • Traffic Increase
    A boost in rankings lead to a boost in traffic, with traffic more than doubling despite the pandemic.
  • Transaction Increase
    Dramatic increase in online advanced bookings v.s. the closest comparable period in 2019.

"Worked with the guys at Semantic on the Bodmin Jail website and SEO. A great experience and one of the most proactive teams I've ever worked with for ideas and solutions. Friendly and knowledgeable."

Karen - Bodmin Jail Marketing Team