The Silverstone Experience

Celebrating out 10th LOOP website client

We are delighted to announce our 10th client on the LOOP website platform since its launch a few months ago.  LOOP combines 25+ years of experience in building websites for visitor attractions into one simple solution.

Bringing attractions to life online

The popularity of LOOP has exceeded all expectations, and demonstrates the value of our idea to have your website as an ongoing subscription service.

LOOP helps to streamline the procurement and development process traditionally associated with website construction - a process that can often take 6 months or more can be completed in weeks, plus our ongoing development of LOOP keeps your website fresh and up-to-date technology-wise.

"The comprehensive set of features contained within LOOP, alongside the simplicity of being able to build an early prototype within the tool, means that customers get to see their new site come to life in a matter of days, allowing them to critique and refine the designs, navigation and content."
Neil Lewin, MD, Semantic

The Silverstone Museum joins a growing community of visitor attractions and live events who are entrusting our new website platform, LOOP, with levelling-up their online capabilities.  

Performance improvements from mobile-first designs, page speed and SEO ensures that our clients achieve better visibility online, creating a great first impression for your customers. 

What’s next?

LOOP is constantly updated and we can help clients with ongoing monitoring and strategy as needed. Rather than a one-off site build project that can become outdated quickly, LOOP websites are kept up-to-date in terms of technology, features and optimisation, all for one simple monthly fee.

By building best practice into the very core of LOOP, customers are guaranteed quality of design and a rich set of features. Most importantly, this can all be delivered in a manageable 3-4 week timeframe.  What’s more, LOOP sites are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee - talk to us for more details.

We are delighted to have established LOOP into the market in the UK in 2023, and look forward to building on this success in other countries and attraction types in the years to come.