Like many business, Semantic was born out of frustration with the standard of web design at the time. Cast your mind back to 1997 - dial-up internet had only been available in the UK for 4 years, and computers were all big ugly boxes that were slow and clunky. Websites at the time were similar - clunky, uninspiring and complicated to use.

This is where our previous owner, Nick, joined forces with Mike to help shift the perception of what was possible - pushing design best practices to deliver awesome customer experiences.

The mantra was simple - do great work for great clients.

adjective | origin sēmantikós

One origin for the word Semantic is from the Ancient Greeks word sēmantikós. This is the linguistic or philosophical study of words and how they link together to create different meanings. In our online world, the precise words, symbols and layouts all work together to convey meaning. Getting the semantics right is key to communicating effectively with your users and growing your business online.

Illustration of two people walking


The early days

  • 1997 - Semantic was founded
  • 1998 - Windows 98 is launched
  • 1999 - We became a limited company
  • 2000 - We help THORPE PARK launch Tidal Wave, Europe’s largest water ride at the time
  • 2000 - The .com Bubble bursts… our golf markedly improved that summer!
  • 2001 - Apple launches the iPod
  • 2005 - We develop a 3D game for Warwick Castle’s Trebuchet launch (back in the days of Flash!)
  • 2006 - We start working with Marwell Wildlife
  • 2006 - Chris Moses joins as employee number 3
Semantic Value 1 - Results

The rise of the smartphone

  • 2007 - Apple launches the iPhone
  • 2007 - Our first mobile site launches for Chessington
  • 2008 - Neil joins Semantic as employee 4
  • 2009 - We release our first Christmas Song
  • 2010 - The term Support Ninjas is coined so that we can provide same-day support
  • 2010 - We start working with Merlin’s Magic Wand children’s charity to lift their online presence and transform their application processing
  • 2010 - Our first responsive website launches - the international, multilanguage LEGOLAND Discovery Centre attraction website.

The era of voice search begins

  • 2011 - Apple adds Siri to the iPhone 4s - the first widespread Voice Assistant
  • 2012 - We launch an international rebranded site for The Dungeons, along with a Rat-Splat game
  • 2013 - We focus onto strategy, user testing and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • 2014 - Voice Assistants are getting big - Amazon launched Alexa
  • 2014 - We release our last Christmas Song (much to everyone’s relief!)
  • 2015 - We launch Bath Rugby, our first Umbraco CMS-driven site

Management transition

  • 2016 - Neil takes on the MD role
  • 2017 - Jason takes on the Lead Developer role
  • 2018 - Neil buys the business from Nick
  • 2018 - We start working with Dream Challenges and Specialist Journeys to streamline their online platforms.
  • 2019 - We begin offering separate SEO and CRO services for clients and non-clients.
  • 2019 - We develop our monthly QPS reports to maximise our impact each month.

22 years in, and we're just getting started.

Whilst it's great to look back and see how far we've come, we're more excited about what's to come.  We're particularly looking forward to   integrating voice assistants, augmented reality and data-driven optimisations into our projects.