Jason Elkin

Lead Developer

Fact file

Joined: 2013

Likes: gaming, community, tech, travel, challenges, star wars, lego.

Dislikes: shoes.

Email: jason@semantic.co.uk

Phone: 02380 111 548

Jason has been at the fourfront of Semantic's coding and development for over 6 years. 

His previous job was in IT support which gave him a really useful insight into how to deal with people and help them in the best way possible.  He's particularly good at explaining very complex coding problems in ways that non-techies can understand.

He's got a fanatical eye for detail, and always aims for perfection with our code and infrastructure deployments.  

Over the years, he has grown to be a whizz at Azure infrastructure, masterminding complex worldwide deployments for various clients.  In addition, he oversees our training, and has been instrumental in training our newer upcoming developers.

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