Janusz Stabik

Advisor to the board

Fact file

Joined: 2020

Likes: wild swimming, dance music, strategy, DJing, soplica.

Dislikes: waffle, neil's jokes.

Email: incoming@semantic.co.uk

Phone: 02380 111 550

Janusz is a Digital Agency expert that's helping us with business development and on refining our strategy to help clients in the best ways possible.

He's been in the agency space for over 15 years and has experience creating and growing digital agencies.  He's coached and mentored digital agency leaders across the globe so he was a perfect person to get on board and help ensure we're constantly ahead of the curve, and adapting to a 'new normal', post-COVID.

His positive results-focused approach ties in with our core values, and makes sure we're always doing our best by our clients.   He helps us map out new services, products and approaches to make sure we can show awesome ROI and delight our clients.  Janusz is also lead coach on numerous growth programs on behalf of Google.

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